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Cat Adoption Application

Name of the pet(s) you are interested in adopting:

Personal Information

Your Name: ==================== Your Age: ====================
Street Address:   City:  
State:   Zip Code:  
Home Phone:   Cell Phone:  
Work Phone:   Email Address:  
State ID/Driver's License #:  
Your Spouse/Partner's Name:  

Employment Information

Current career status. Select all that apply: Employed Full-time:  
Employed Part-time:  
Other employment, please explain:  
If employed, your Employer's Name:   Work Job Title:  
How long with present employer?   If a student, where?  
Describe your job/occupation duties:  
Spouse/Partner's Employer:   How long there?  

Family Information

How many adults live in your home/apartment?   Please list names and ages:  
How many children live in your home/apartment?   Please list names and ages:  
Are ALL members of your household aware of and in agreement with this pet adoption?   If not, please list who is not in favor of the pet adoption and their concern or objection:  

Home Information

Do you Own or Rent your home/apartment?   Is it a: House - Condo - Apartment - Mobile Home  
How long at current address?   If less than 2 years, what was your previous address?  
If you rent, does your lease allow pets?   How many pets?  
Required: If you rent, what is your Landlord's Name:   Landlord's Phone:  
Do you have a fenced yard?   If yes, what type of fence and how high?  
Do you plan on moving within the next 10 years?   If so, where will you move, and why?  

Adoption Information

Why do you wish to adopt this pet? Select all that apply: I love animals and want to help a pet in need:  
I feel sorry for the animal:  
Companionship for me:  
Companionship for another pet I have:  
The animal is so cute I can't leave it behind:  
I want to breed the animal:  
Gift for someone. If so, whom?  
I want my children to learn to be responsible for/care for a pet:  
To help with mouse/rodent control of my home or property:  
Do you have a second or third choice among the pets available?  

Veterinary Care

Are you willing to provide regular veterinarian care for your new pet?   What is your estimate of the cost for annual routine veterinary care for the pet you adopt?  
Please provide a description of what you consider to be routine vet care:  
Who is your current or past veterinarian?  
Would you allow us to speak with your vet to obtain information on the health care of your pets?  

Current and Past Pets

What pets do you currently have? List all of their pet names:   Type of Animals:  
Where were they obtained?   How old are they?  
Are your current pets spayed or neutered?   If no, why not?  
Do your current pets wear identification tags?   If no, why not?  
Are your current dogs licensed?   If no, why not?  
Are your pet's vaccinations current?   If no, why not?  
If dog(s), heartworm preventive?   If no, why not?  
If cat(s), have they been tested for feline leukemia?   If no, why not?  
Please tell us about the animals you have owned in the past, who are no longer with you:   Type of Animals:  
How old were they?   Are they deceased?  
If alive, where are they and why aren't they living with you?  
Tell us about the pet's weekly schedule related to your schedule. Which hours during the day will your pet be home alone? For example, if everyone is at work between 8-4 on Monday, put 8-4 in the Monday box. Monday:  
When inside, how do you plan to keep your pet? Select all that apply: Roams free inside the house:  
Confined inside a crate or cage:  
Inside a closed room:  
When outside, how do you plan to keep your pet? Select all that apply: Not applicable, pet kept indoors only:  
Tied outside on a chain:  
In the garage:  
In a patio area:  
Invisible fence yard:  
Fenced yard:  
Outside in a pet cage:  
On a leash and taken for regular walks:  
Loose in the yard unattended:  
Other, please explain:  
Where will your pet be kept during the day?   Where will your pet be kept at night?  

Training and Behavior

How will you introduce your new pet to any other pets?  
Which of the following issues present a BIG problem for you? Select all that apply: Going to bathroom in the house (outside litter box):  
Chewing on items:  
Spraying urine:  
Scratching furniture  
Excessive meowing:  
Excessive shedding:  
Walking on counter-tops and high places:  
How do you plan to handle these issues?  
Have you ever had a cat declawed?:   If yes, when and why?  
Do you plan to declaw the cat you adopt?   If yes, when and why?  
Are you willing to train the cat to use a scratching post and discourage scratching through behavior modification, such as, a water squirt bottle, or other method? Please explain:  


Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the pet?   How old is this person?  
If your pet(s) were to survive you, what would happen to them? Who would take responsibility for them?  
Have you ever taken a pet to the pound or an animal shelter?   If yes, why?  
How long will you keep the pet you are planning to adopt?  
If you move in the future, what will you do with the pet you plan to adopt?  
What would cause you to return the pet to an animal shelter at some time in the future? Select all that apply: I cannot housebreak the pet:  
Pet claws furniture or is destructive:  
Pet bites someone:  
New pet does not get along with existing pet(s):  
I changed my mind about caring for a pet:  
Pet proves to be too much work on top of caring for my children:  
It takes too much energy and it is hard to control the pet:  
Divorce or death of my spouse or partner:  
If I realized I am not a "cat person":  
If I realized that I just do not like this pet:  
Pet develops a serious medical condition that is expensive to treat:  
If I cannot afford the pet:  
Change in relationship and my new love interest does not like pets:  
Give birth to a new baby and fear that the pet will harm the baby:  
Kids go away to school and I do not want to care for a pet:  
A life change such as new job:  
Please give more details about any reasons why you would return the pet to a shelter:  
If you are no longer able to keep the animal you adopt, do you agree to return the animal to the animal shelter or find a suitable new home for it and notify us of the change in ownership?   Do you agree that if you cannot keep the animal you adopt, you must house this animal until a suitable new home is available or until foster home space opens up?  
Signature Name:   Signature Date:  
Have any questions? Give us a call 0800 123 4567