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Our Calendar and Events Software Features

Our Calendar and Events software is powerful, feature rich, and easy to use for all your calendars and events!! This will handle all of your needs for Conferences, Seminars, Classes, Events, Calendars and more!  It allows you to create events (both Free and Paid events) and users can register for these events (Individual or Group registration). It even processes payments with over 40+ online payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Eway, Moneybooker, etc. and also handles Offline Payments (cash, checks, bank money transfers, etc.). If you need a Calendar and Events solution for your website then you've come to the best place! Here is a list of some of the many features included:


Powerful and Flexible Events Management

  • Our Calendar and Events software allows you to organize your events with multiple categories and subcategories.
  • You can create both Free or Paid events.
  • Create both One Time or Recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurring events).
  • Set up Individual prices and Group registration rates for each event.
  • If you want you can set the maximum number of registrations for each event.
  • Select from four different event registration types: Individual registration, Group registration, Both Individual and Group, or Disable Registration for free events.
  • Supports two types of price discounts: Member discounts or Early Bird sign-up discounts.
  • You can enable users to choose from over 40+ payment gateways they want to use (if you have multiple payment gateway accounts). Plus users can also choose to make Offline Payments for cash, checks, bank money transfers, etc.!
  • Waiting List feature allows users to join waiting list when an event is full.
  • Social site sharing features.
  • Invite feature allows users/visitors to invite their friends to sign-up for events.


Built-In Calendar

  • Users can browse to find your events through a professional, responsive calendar.
  • Monthly layout allows viewing of all events in the selected month.
  • Weekly layout allows viewing of all events in the selected week.
  • Daily layout allows viewing of all events on the selected date.
  • Easily switch between Monthly, Weekly and Daily layout.
  • Events can display using different category colors in the calendar.
  • Six different calendar themes to choose from: Default, Dark, Fire, Leaf, Ocean, Sky.


Professional, Clean and Responsive Layout

  • Our Calendar and Events software has professional themes and layouts to display events, categories, locations, registration forms, and more!
  • Calendar page will display events in a calendar.
  • Upcoming Events page will display a list of upcoming events.
  • Categories page will display a list of categories and sub-categories.
  • Category page will display a list of events in a specific category.
  • Different layouts include: Default (list) layout, Columns (grid) layout, Table layout, and Calendar layout.
  • Location page will display a list of events taking place at specific locations.
  • Event Detail page will display the detailed information about an event.
  • Events Archive page will display all of the past events.
  • Registration History, and more!


Multiple Options to Register for Events

  • Individual Registration allows a user to register for one person.
  • Group Registration allows users to register for more than one person as a group. With the group registration rate option the event administrator can give discounts for group registrations.
  • The Shopping Cart option allows users to register for different events using one payment checkout.
  • Users can access the Registration History page to view their registration history and edit information in their records if needed.


Powerful, Custom Fields and Registration Forms

  • You can choose to show/hide, require/not require any fields on the event registration forms.
  • You can choose which fields you want to use for Individual registrations, for Group registrations, and Group Billing forms.
  • You can create unlimited custom fields to collect any information you need from users that register for events.
  • Each event can have its own, independent set of custom fields.
  • Registration Integration option allows users to create an account on your website when they register for an event.
  • Supports nine different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading, Message.
  • Conditional custom fields are allowed.
  • With the Custom Fee field option, the price which users have to pay can be calculated based on what the users choose on the registration form.


Powerful Email Notification System

  • Notification emails are sent to the event administrator when someone registers for an event. Plus, you can use different text in the notification emails for different events.
  • Confirmation emails are sent to users when they register for an event.
  • Mass Mails feature allows the event administrator to send emails to all registered users of a selected event.
  • Reminder emails are sent to users automatically by the system to remind them X-days before the event has started.
  • Notification email are sent to the event administrator when users cancel their registration.


SEO and SEF Optimization

  • Intelligent router generates friendly SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs.
  • You can set the Meta data (meta keywords and meta description) for each category and event.
  • Semantic HTML coding follows the Schema.org standard that is officially supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo! This enables search engines to crawl and index the details about the events. The Semantic web coding will make your events rank much higher in search engines!


Full-Featured but still Easy-To-Use

  • Google Maps integration. Display event locations/venues and get directions on Google Maps.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Manage event registered users (find, create, edit, delete, approve, export users to a CSV file).
  • Create and manage events, categories, locations (venues), custom fields, and more!
  • Change and customize messages and email text.
  • Multiple languages supported (if your site is multi-lingual).


Multiple Modules and Plugins

  • Upcoming events, mini-calendar, categories, locations, search events, and more modules!
  • Plugin to display events in articles.
  • Plugin to display registration forms in articles.
  • Search plugin allows searching for events.


And More Features...

  • Enable Coupon Codes for special discounts
  • Set any Tax rates for events.
  • PDF file format for invoices.
  • Accept registration payment deposits. Users can choose to pay in full or pay a pre-set deposit amount (determined by the event administrator) when they register for an event.


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